Our ambition has always been to create a magazine which integrates Fashion, Beauty,
Design and Culture, to imbue you with a sense of anticipation. Where the visual dynamic is as much about the imperfections, as the symmetry, of Beauty.


The aesthetic which we espouse discourages the dependency on Photoshop,
and the glib conventions of so many ‘Glossies’.


And if we can develop the critical qualities of photography, illustration and writing,
we will hopefully produce a magazine which is not only textured, ironical and emotive,
but which ‘breathes’.

photographers & stylists sally ann & emily may

noi.se accepts any, and all submissions, photography, including reportage, literary pieces and illustrations. Initially, please send low res JPGS files to: ​ editorial@highlightsmag.com

Selection Criteria

Technical and creative quality.


Please note

So many submissions conform to the conventions of fashion photography and stereotypes which depend on Photoshop rather than Photography.


What do we want?

Wit and style.


"Photography is the story I fail to put into words”.


There is one thing which photography must contain -
the humanity of the moment.”

Deadline _  31 May 2021 

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The noi.se app is available from 
so that you have instant access to the latest - and previous - editions.

While we are committed to the sensory experience of print, its ethos and quality, we will be enhancing the digital profile and content of noi.se in the future, with videos,
interviews and more.


OCCHII A/W 2020 Collection. Occhii, founded by Leonid Batekhin and Ilona Davidoff, is a New York-based line whose philosophy lies In bridging sustainability with tradition, the beauty of the Imperfect and the “Out Of Place”. Occhii works with deadstock, organic, recycled, natural and renewable materials. 


“‘It’s our version of Alice in Wonderland,’ said Francesco Risso backstage at his Marni presentation, as the fabled hair artist Julien d’Ys added magical gold and silver dust to the faces and lacquered hair of the girls in the lineup.

Salvatore Ferragamo

Creative director Paul Andrew presented a collection that struck all the notes of what the season is shaping up to be, with ready-to-wear, footwear and accessories that were sophisticated but also sensual and tactile.

Antonio Marras

Backstage before his show, Antonio Marras cited as inspiration a
real-life mentor, the late artist Maria Lai.

Autumn / Winter Collection 2020 

Stay tuned to this section where we will be covering fashion interviews.




Couturissime; an exhibition by French creator Thierry Mugler⁠

This travelling exhibitionof French creator Thierry Mugler, reveals the multiple universes of this visionary couturier, director, photographer and perfumer – in a retrospective of his ready-to-wear and haute couture creations.

Reflecting the same sense of innovation, creativity and rebelliousness, Hans Boodt Mannequins were perfectly positioned to bring Mugler’s fashion to life by designing custom characters to display his ensembles.

Kunsthal, Rotterdam – until 8 MARCH 2020



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Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo Fall Winter Collection 2020 Milan

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